Bras Honey scrap 99.8%, As a guide, brass is typically worth around $1,500 – $3,000 per tonne. However, scrap metal prices change on a daily basis. The above prices are based on estimates per tonne. If you have any questions or want to get the latest.
Scrap Brass We Buy

Brass Honey scrap 99.8%

Scrap Brass Price Estimates Per Tonne

At H&S Metals we recycle a variety of brass including:

Mixed Brass
Rod Brass
Phosphor Bronze

How To Sell Scrap Brass

Where Can Brass Generally Be Found?

Brass is a metal alloy made up of both copper and zinc. Lead can also be found in brass, added in to improve it. Brass is commonly identifiable by its bright gold appearance and is mostly commonly associated with use in musical instruments. The use of brass dates back to around 500BC.

For recycling purposes you are likely to find larger quantities in things such as plumbing, taps, doors, handles and ornaments. You’ll also find brass in firearm casings, radiators, architectural trim, pipes, tubing and screws.

You are likely to find brass in the home, in business settings including hotels and in industries such as plumbing and heating.


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