Main products include 1-7 series aluminum plate/strip/coil/foil. We also produce mirror aluminum sheet, aluminum checkered plate,tread plate, embossed aluminum plate,etc

100% foam PU Sponge foam scrap

These  flexible PU foam scrap , Its mostly used for the production of re-bonded foam for furniture, mattress, bedding, pillow, Insoles, sports padding, carpet padding and carpet underlay or used for the production of shredded foam for pillow fillings, cushion fillings, toy fillings.

flexible PU foam scrap  Main Specification:

Preferred density range : 15 to  25 kg/m3 scrap Foam Skins: none
Clean & dry unused off-cuts: 100% Re-bonded Foam: none
pu foam scrap color: mixed Laminated Fabric / Foam: none
Weight: 250~300kg/bale Visco-elastic Foam: none
Factory Sweepings: none Loading Quantity: 40 “HQ square container about 20000kgs



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